About Us

Cashlesstopup.com is a web based service for topping up the funds stored on a smartcard where smartcard terminals take payments instead of cash in restaurants, cafeterias, retail stores, vending machines, copiers, laundry machines and car parks.

Cashless payment systems solve a lot of problems associated with handling cash. They deliver a fast and secure alternative to handling cash payments, giving change and the headaches of coping with managing large amounts of notes and coins. Shorter queues and happier customers are convincing many schools, colleges, universities, factories and hospitals to move with the times and follow the trend in new contactless smartcard technology now available from many banks by introducing similar systems in their own organisations.

Parents can now be assured that healthy school meals are available to their children every day instead of dinner money being spent on sweets, snacks and drinks from local stores. Cashlesstopup.com operates with cashless systems supplied by Jacaranda Consulting.

For more information on available solutions for your business, contact info@jacarandaconsulting.com